Our Story

Hi, I'm Erica Praga, owner and head baker here at Terrace St Bakery & Cafe!


While baking has always been my passion, I was a high school science teacher for 10 years before taking the leap to own my own shop!

With the support and love from my family and friends, and the discovery of a beautiful location in our home neighborhood, I am now able bring my treats to a larger audience than what could be met by me alone in my kitchen.

I am so happy to have a place that I can love and share love through.

Proud to be a place in Manayunk where families can come and there's something for everyone.

At Terrace Street Bakery & Cafe, we are welcoming to all kinds, because it takes all kinds to create this beautiful community we call home.

We want Terrace Street Bakery & Cafe to be a neighborhood shop, family owned and oriented, and we love being a hang-out spot for the community!


All of our goods are handcrafted from scratch, with local ingredients when possible, baked and served with a side of love! 


We keep a small team and bake in small batch, so when we are out of something, we are really out until the next time we bake it!


Stop by to enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee and taste them for yourself!